Allard Hall Awarded LEED Gold Certification

Allard Hall was designed to be LEED Gold. The LEED system grades building's excellence in sustainability in seven areas, and awards the building as certified, silver, gold or platinum. All new construction on the University of British Columbia campus is expected to meet a minimum LEED Gold certification, which Allard Hall has accomplished.

There are several sustainable features of Allard Hall's design and construction which have helped to obtain the LEED Gold certification. For example, the building is heated and cooled partially using a geo-exchange field with 160 wells. Additionally, the building was constructed using 20% recycled materials, and 33% local materials, which reduced the resource impact of the building's construction. The wood which was used in construction of the building was extensively Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood, which ensures it was from sustainably managed forests.

Please read this pdf for more information about the building's sustainable features.

Allard Hall was certified LEED Gold in August 2017.