Allard School of Law History Project

Thanks to a generous donation from Peter A. Allard, QC the law school has created this online historical archive to preserve its rich history.

This archive includes searchable information about former deans, professors, alumni and others who have made significant contributions to British Columbia’s legal history as well as those who practiced in the province but were educated elsewhere. It also includes information about important milestones for the school including special events and major donations.

One important element of the History Project is an ambitious oral history project to interview and record subject’s memories of UBC and the impact of their time here on their lives in the legal profession and other walks of life. To learn more see ‘Oral History’ below.  If you are interested in contributing a story or photo to our online archive see ‘Contribute’ below.

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*Allard School of Law gratefully acknowledges The Advocate for its contributions of articles to the Allard School of Law History Project