Class of 1956 Hosts 60 Year Reunion

The Class of 1956 held their 60 year reunion on Saturday, June 4th, 2016. At the time of graduation, the class numbered 56, an impressive number of which are still living. The occasion was an opportunity to celebrate fond memories of those of the class who had passed, and to enjoy the company of former classmates whose accomplishments are a testament to the quality of the class.

The class of 1956 includes numerous graduates who've made a significant impact on the law and on the province of British Columbia. The Allard Law History Project has profiled several members of this class, including Thomas Berger, lead counsel for Frank Calder in the case of Calder v BC [1973], Robert Guile, who lends his name to the law school's storied Guile debate celebrating humour in the law, and Professor Maurice Copithorne, who served Canada as Ambassador to Austria and later as Commissioner to Hong Kong. The class of 1956 also features 14 judges, including two on the BC Court of Appeal.

Former British Columbia cabinet minister and radio personality Rafe Mair, also of the class of 1956, shared reflections of this occasion on his blog.