Hong Kong Alumni Donate $511,500 to Allard School of Law

In honour of the special and long standing relationship the Faculty has with our esteemed colleagues and alumni from Hong Kong, UBC Law at Allard Hall has dedicated the main student lounge in the new building to this important group. Thanks to generous contributions from our friends and supporters in Hong Kong an impressive $511,500 was raised to support this area, exceeding our goal of $500,000.

The Hong Kong Alumni Student Lounge is located on the main floor of Allard Hall and will serve as the central gathering space for students, faculty, staff and visitors in the new building.

We would like to acknowledge the generous donations from our Hong Kong alumni and supporters including Jeanette K. Chan, Yvonne Y. Ho, Kevin Lee, Peter Lee, Olivia S. Lee, Dorothy Siron, Muriel Tsang, Katherine U, and Victor Yang.

One contribution is made in honour of Associate Professor Emeritus Bob Reid and Professor Emeritus John Hogarth in recognition of the role that they and other UBC Law Faculty members have played in inspiring law students and graduates to succeed across Canada and around the world. A second contribution is made in honour of the firm Boughton Peterson Yang Anderson.