Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Margurite Duckworth Donate A.Y. Jackson Painting to Library

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Margurite Duckworth donated Ranch in the Fraser Valley by A.Y. Jackson to the Law Library at the Peter A. Allard School of Law in honour of the MBA-LLB Class of 1951.

Alexander Young Jackson (1882-1974) was one of the founding members of the Group of Seven, a notable collective of Canadian landscape painters active as a group through the 1920s. Many continued to work after the dissolution of the group, including Jackson, who is celebrated as one of Canada's most influential twentieth century artists.

Ranch in the Fraser Valley is oil on canvas, and was created between 1948 and 1953. The work is recognized for being rich in colour with soft, blunted and rounded forms. The deep, easy rhythm of the work is indicative of Jackson's trademark style.

The painting was reframed thanks to a commission from Peter A. Allard, QC.