Amber Prince

Class of 2004-2005

“I think of myself as being a left-leaning feminist of Aboriginal heritage,” says Amber Prince. “My philosophies are in line with Atira’s and my outlook informs all of my work with women.” Although she was not aware that this type of work existed when she was a law student, she grew into it with the help of her colleagues. Halfway through her master’s program, she was offered the position of Legal Advocate for Atira. She accepted.

As Atira’s Legal Advocate, Prince’s mandate is to provide legal assistance and support services for marginalized women. She helps them navigate the often overwhelming legal system, primarily in areas considered “poverty-law,” such as residential tenancy law, income law, human rights law, WCP appeal and income assistance appeal. Prince also provides support services, including attendance at family or criminal court when guidance and personal support are needed, and providing referrals for legal services outside her jurisdiction...