Carla Ferstman

Class of 1992-1993

For most of us, a tough day at work might be trying to meet an impossible deadline, or having to sit through countless meetings in one day.  How about trying to seek justice for a Zimbabwean torture victim who had been submerged in a tub of cold water, electrocuted, and beaten repeatedly on his soles? All because he criticized his government. Or how about trying to help a Congolese war victim who’d been shot numerous times (but miraculously survived) and whose wife and eight children were massacred in their village by government rebels?

For Carla Ferstman (LL.B. ’93), this is an average day at the office. Ferstman is director of Redress, a London-based human rights organization that helps torture survivors obtain justice and reparation, and to make torturers accountable ...