Christopher Harland

Class of 1992-1993

Given Chris Harland's many international experiences in his youth, including living in the South Pacific as a child, participating in a number of exchange opportunities, and teaching English abroad, it might have seemed that he was destined for a career in international law. "I wouldn't say that beyond international law I 'knew' what area I wanted to pursue, but human rights law often came up as an area in which I could help out others, learn a lot, and have interesting work." Harland now works in the field of international humanitarian law. He is currently based in Malaysia working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as the Regional Legal Adviser for Southeast Asia.

Harland's work for the ICRC, and, before that, the United Nations, has taken him around the world and presented him with a series of fascinating legal challenges. While working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Asia, and the Middle East, much of Harland's work has involved armed conflict...

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