David Mossop, QC

Class of 1969-1970

David Mossop received his law degree from UBC in 1970, and has since pursued an impressive career in Community Law. Representing the interests of disadvantaged members of society on various cases has brought him before 34 different administrative tribunals and courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mossop worked with the Community Legal Assistance Society from 1971 to 2014, and continues to do so on an ad hoc basis. In his distinguished career he has also served as Chairperson of the Administrative Law Subsection of the Canadian Bar Association (BC), and of the Public Legal Education and Information Committee of the Canadian Bar Association (BC). Mossop also worked as an Adjunct Professor at UBC Law School from 2000 to 2003.

He visited Allard School of Law in February 2016, and reflected on his time as a law student and the incredible career that followed. He discussed the fundamental importance of having a sense of humour, and finding a balance between pursuing one’s interests and serving the needs of clients.

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