Erez Aloni

Erez Aloni joined the faculty at the Allard School of Law in 2017. His primary research interests lie in the legal regulation of adult relationships and complex family structures. Aloni’s work stages the family as an institution affected by a broad range of laws, norms, and economic structures. He is particularly interested in investigating laws which impact the composition and well-being of households and families, as well as the effects—socioeconomic and otherwise— those laws have on society at large.

In 2017, the Law Foundation of British Columbia established a $100,000 fund to support legal research in British Columbia that advances the knowledge of law, social policy, and the administration of justice. The 2018 recipients of the fund include three of our faculty members: Isabel Grant, Régine Tremblay and Erez Aloni.

For more, read a profile on Erez Aloni in the 2017 Allard School of Law Alumni Magazine and "Does the FLA Increase Access to Justice for Common Law Partners?" originally published on June 28, 2018 in the Allard School of Law News.