Jason Kuzminski

Class of 2000-2001

“I was always looking to leave a legacy, and when I started I thought it would be the books I write, and then I thought later it would be the court cases I argue. I think the proudest achievement in my career is the day I had my family, and you start to realize that’s the legacy.”

Jason Kuzminski’s career has followed a somewhat unusual path, with not only legal, but also political, managerial, and leadership experience. Currently the Director of Communications at the Ministry of Justice & Attorney General in Victoria, Mr. Kuzminski has also been involved in political and legal work with the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

Mr. Kuzminski has fond memories of his time in law school, particularly collaborating with his peers while volunteering for the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program. Though it was dim, damp and drafty, he remembers the old law building as conveying a sense of history and heritage.

Mr. Kuzminski visited the new law building in June 2016 and spoke about his extraordinary career so far. For more, listen to the Allard Law History Project interview with Jason Kuzminski.