Lindsay M. Lyster

Class of 1990-1991

Lindsay Lyster graduated as the gold medalist for the Class of 1991, and went on to clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada. While working as a research assistant for Dean Peter Burns, she was introduced to Madam Justice McLachlin and offered a job over dinner. “It was completely not the way it’s done now.”

Ms. Lyster has since embarked on a distinguished career in administrative and constitutional law, with a particular focus on labour, employment and human rights matters. She has worked as the Policy Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association, later as a Member of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, and is currently a partner at Moore Edgar Lyster.

Ms. Lyster participated in the Allard Law History Project in June 2016. She spoke about her life and career, including her work on the Eldridge case, the importance of improving access to justice for human rights complainants, and learning the difference between torts and tortes on her first day of law school.

For more, listen to the Allard Law History Project interview with Lindsay Lyster.