Michael McCubbin

Class of 2009-2010

After learning about the tragic death of a woman (potentially due to a drug overdose) at the Occupy Vancouver protest site in November 2011, Michael McCubbin saw the writing on the wall and knew that an eviction notice from the City was inevitable. He had to get involved.

For McCubbin, the heart of the issue before the City was about providing a safe environment for the many homeless people who had set up shelters in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery during the Occupy Vancouver protests.

"One of the first things I had done after opening up my own firm was get my legal aid certificate," explained McCubbin. "I then contacted the BC Civil Liberties Association to let them know that I was available to help should the City move to clear out the art gallery."

Having just barely opened up his own law office, McCubbin was soon preparing for his first hearing in court representing members of the make-shift "tent-city"...

For more, read the full profile of Michael McCubbin in the Allard Law Alumni Magazine, Spring 2014.