Nicholas Tsoi

Class of 2007-2008

Like many of the members of the board, Nicholas Tsoi dedicates much of his time to community involvement, something that began early on during his years at law school.

Through LSLAP and the school’s rugby team, Nic found great opportunity to build connections, “There might be one or two highlight classes, you might do a moot, but it’s the relationships that you build that shape your law school experience.”

Upon graduation, Nic immediately sought out opportunities to get involved in the legal community. In 2012, he was elected Member at Large on the Vancouver Bar Association (VBA). He remained on the VBA for two years and played an important role in planning many of VBA’s popular events.

When his term ended, Nic started looking for opportunities to connect with the legal community outside of the office. After a brief (and much sought after) note-taking stint with the Allard Law Alumni Association, Nic served as the Associations secretary. “I’ve always found that I’ve gotten more out of community involvement than anything I’ve put into it. Whatever it is you give you get back tenfold.”

For Nic, the opportunity to work with a very diverse group of people, from different graduating classes and practice areas has been an important aspect of his experience on Allard Law Alumni Association.

For alumni looking to get involved in the legal community, Nic recommends first looking for practice groups in your area of law. “Attending practice group meetings is a great way to meet like-minded lawyers and to learn about further upcoming opportunities.” With the Allard Law Alumni Association, Nic recommends paying attention to what’s out there and attending events. “These always provide a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates”.

This interview was first published in the January 2018 edition of the Peter A. Allard School of Law Alumni Newsletter.