The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, PC, CC, OBC, QC

Class of 1982-1983

"When I became Justice Minister I described myself as a feminist and there was an audible intake of breath across the country, but you know, they got over it. I didn’t know how else to describe someone who was an advocate for equality of women..."

The Right Honourable Kim Campbell holds a BA and an LLB from UBC, pursued doctoral studies in Soviet government at the London School of Economics and has numerous honourary doctorates. In addition to being the first woman to be prime minister of Canada, Ms. Campbell was the first prime minister born and raised in British Columbia, and the first to have held elected office at all three levels of government.

Ms. Campbell's claim to fame in law school was writing and directing three editions of the UBC Law Revue. She recalls being taught by Beverley McLachlin and George Curtis, the latter of whom had also taught her father three decades before.

Ms. Campbell participated in the Allard Law History Project in January of 2014. She spoke about her roots in British Columbia, her memories of law school and her experiences in public life.