Wanda Dorosz

Class of 1974-1975

Wanda Dorosz is founder, president and chief executive officer of the Quorum Group of Companies, a Toronto-based funds manager that has specialized in technology-based investing, real estate funds management and growth capital investing since 1987. Ms. Dorosz is the first Canadian woman ever to launch a venture capital firm.

She has reviewed over 15,000 business plans, travelled the world many times over and has been a director of more than 75 private, public and not-for-profit organizations. Success - not the 15-minutes-of-fame kind, but the kind that lasts - is not something she's gone after, but is a natural outcome of the way she lives her life. Over the course of two interviews, she talked with UBC Law Alumni Magazine about law, business, stewardship and lasting success.

For more, read the Profile of Wanda Dorosz in the UBC Law Alumni Magazine, Spring 2006.