William S. Berardino, QC

Class of 1964-1965

William S. Berardino, QC is a member of the LLB class of 1965. Mr. Berardino’s firm, Berardino & Harris LLP merged with Hunter Voitch in 2006 to create the Vancouver-based, leading litigation firm, Hunter Litigation Chambers. Throughout Mr. Berardino’s accomplished career, he was worked on many landmark cases and appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada on many occasions.

Mr. Berardino has represented clients in various high-profile cases such as Imperial Tobacco v. British Columbia, R v. Basi, and litigation involving the Meech Lake Accord. Furthermore, Mr. Berardino has worked as a special prosecutor in the BC legislature raid trials.

As a recipient of the Peter S. Hyndman Mentorship Award, Mr. Berardino was recognized by the Vancouver Bar Association for his outstanding mentorship within the legal profession. In 2011, Mr. Berardino was awarded the Alumni Award of Distinction by the Allard Alumni Association for his outstanding achievements and significant contributions to his field that have brought honour to the Allard School of Law.